Be Remembered

A memorable experience creates lasting relationships. ensures the relationship you built is not forgotten. We curate meaningful, handmade and artfully crafted closing gifts that are timeless and admired. Be remembered.






What is a Closing Gift

In today's digital era, we as retailers, real estate agents and folks in the finance industry know how important a customer and client is. Customers have the choice between thousands of Realtors and hundreds of banks when they choose you, it's a big deal. Quite simply, a closing gift is a gift to your client on the day of their closing or at the time of a major purchase or the opening of an account with you. It's a gift to show them how thankful you are for their business. It's a valuable time to connect with them and make sure the pieces are in place for a continued relationship.



Today's customer is smart. They know when something (or someone) is genuine and authentic and they know when they aren't. Every gift you'll find on is handmade by us. Not only do we personally make every gift you'll find but we also designed them or curated them. Our gifts are quality; they're special; and they'll guarantee that you'll be remembered. Our online platform is also easy to use and it allows you to have gifts shipped right to your client (as though it's from you) or buy in bulk to keep at your office so a curated, handmade gift is ready for you whenever you need it.

Our Approach

Being remembered is huge for us. Closing time is one of the last times you could see your client and ensuring you're remembered is essential. Not only do assist you by giving a great gift to your client during this time, but we help make sure you're remembered a year later. When you order an individual gift on our site, we log your client's address and - in one year from now - we send them another gift, from you. There's no need for you to pay more or worry about reminding us; this level of service from us, to you, is all included.

Why Real Estate?

Our background is in curating gifts for Realtors. We launched in Fargo, North Dakota where we helped Realtors around our area connect with their clients with well-made closing gifts. For us, this transition of providing crazy levels of service to other Realtors around the country seemed seamless. Our gifts are perfect and designed for Realtors and folks in the real estate industry but they also work well for bankers, mortgage lenders, insurance providers and more.

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